O2+ N95 Anti Pollution Face Mask


Six Layer N95 mask

One valve for exhale



 N95 Six Layer Anti Pollution Face Mask
 First Layer is Non-woven Fabrics
 Second Layer Non-woven SMS(Spunbond Meltdown Spunbond- a tri laminate non-woven fabric It is made up of a top layer of spun bond polypropylene, a middle layer of melt blown polypropylene and a bottom layer of spun bond polypropylene)
 Third Layer Melt blown
 Forth Layer Activated Carbon(Active Carbon Respiratory Masks as the Adsorbent of Toxic Gases in Ambient Air)
 Fifth Layer SSMMS(3 beams of Spun bond and 2 beams of Melt blown)
 Sixth Layer Non-woven


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